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My product range is designed for men who want to get more from their dating life, whether that be hooking up with girls on one-night stands...or finding that "special" someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

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There's nothing worse than promoting products to your list that BOMB...

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All my launches consistently have extremely high EPC rates, and Brad P affiliates earn some of the best commissions in the industry.

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Chris Haddad


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Just take a look at what some of my existing affiliates are saying...

"Most offers we run at Altare have a very short shelf life. The majority don't work at all - and even a lot that make the initial cut tend to burn out pretty quick.

Brad P's offers on the other hand are serious cash cows. We've been mailing them a month solid now with no sign of slowing down.

Plus, Brad's marketing and affiliate team are super professional. We get paid on time, they get us what we need when we ask, and they answer any questions in a timely fashion. And they've only been too happy to reciprocate for us.

Trust me - you'd be crazy not to test these offers to your list. And with Brad's team always split testing and working to raise EPCs and CPAs, cash flow will only rise over time."

Case Gilbreath

Affiliate Manager, Altare Publishing

"Most people in this market fall into two broad categories.

1) Killer products, great teachers, and inspiring people - who can't sell their way out of a wet paper bag

2) Guys who get great day-zero numbers but crappy products lead to refunds, customer unhappiness, and lots of blowback

The thing I love about Brad P and his marketing manager Daniel Scott is that between the two of them, they have the best of both worlds...

Which is probably why every time we promote their stuff we make a ton of cash.

Mail their offers. Seriously. It's easy money and customers love it."

-Jim Clair,

Email genius for Venus Factor and Adonis Factor

Former Tao of Badass Copywriter (2012 - 2014)

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Promote Products That People Love

When you join my affiliate program, you'll be able to promote material that changes people's lives.

With the dating industry filled with hyped-up, "over the top", BS, I've made it my sole aim to give my customers actual solutions to the problems they're experiencing in their dating lives.

I'm not here just to make money.

No - I want to help people transform their lives, and achieve all their goals within their personal life.

Any product I release is tried and tested with real guys in real life situations to make sure they WORK!

And your customers will LOVE what you promote to them...

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"I've had sex with more women in the past two and a half years than I did in the previous thirty eight. I've hooked up with women twenty years younger than me and dated some of the hottest women in my life.

I know now that I can attract hot women and that if this one doesn't pan out, there will be more. That freedom is the greatest part of this whole experience."

Steve P.

"Hey there Mr. Brad P. I'm a 23 year old female and I loved the interview you did with the Pheromone Kid. I heard about it from 2 guys I know, and I decided to pick it up cause it sounded so hot!

Guess what - I found myself getting turned on.

I just hope I have the chance to meet a guy who knows how to take me on a kinky sexual adventure like you guys were talking about. So fucking hot!!! Ahhh... ok I'm gonna wrap up this email now so I can go and play with myself. Maybe I'll put on the Interview while I do it. "

Missy, Los Angeles

I'm Here To Help YOU Make More Money

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