What is the 30/30 Club?

The 30/30 Club is a 12 month, online program, created by legendary dating guru Brad P. The program is laid out in a monthly, step-by- step, fashion to help men succeed with dating. We also provide a message board forum, where students can share their learning experiences and receive advice from our hand-picked Online Coaches.


Who is 30/30 Club for?

The program is a complete course for men of all dating skill levels. Brad teaches you everything from how to start a conversation with women, all the to getting laid and beyond.

Since the program started in 2008, our students have had the highest success rate of any dating education program. We have had students as young as 18 years old and as old as 62, who have participated and completed the 30/30 Club.

We do require that all students be at least 18 years or older to enroll in our program.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

This is a great question!


If you have questions related to the 30/30 Club program, assignments or exercises, please feel free to post your questions on the 30/30 Club Forum (


If you have a question for Customer Service, you can contact our Customer Service department at


For inquiries about live coaching, phone coaching or to speak directly with Brad P., please email


Please note that our Customer Service hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12pm to 4pm PST. Most inquiries are responded to within 1 business day.


Do I get phone coaching with Brad P. or any of his coaches?

The 30/30 Club does not include any live coaching. All advice is given through our 30/30 Club Forum. Just simply post your questions and an Online Coach will chime in.

We also offer a discounted phone coaching rate for 30/30 Club students who wish to work with a coach while completing the 30/30 Club program. Please contact with inquiries.

Please remember: The 30/30 Club Forum is a message board forum, therefore, your questions will be answered within a day or two. If you require immediate or faster responses, you are welcomed to contact us to get on the phone with Brad P. or one of Brad's Certified Coaches.


How do I access the 30/30 Club Forum?

The 30/30 Club Forum is a message board forum that is only open to members of the program. To access the forum, just go to

The 30/30 Club Forum is closed to the public, so please be sure that you have an active membership before registering.


I fell behind on my 30/30 Club assignments. How should I continue?

We know that real life happens sometimes. If you fall off the wagon and find yourself behind, then we do have some recommendations:


  • You've fallen off for just a week or two:


    If you're behind by just a week or two, chances are you haven't missed too much. As long as you've completed the exercises and the required 30 approaches each month, you're okay! The most important aspect of the 30/30 Club is that you should work on your own pace. If it takes you an extra few days or an additional week to complete some assignments, you're not behind. Just make sure you're putting in your best efforts.


  • You've are behind more than a month:


    If you're behind by a month or more, then you may want to assess where you are. For students who were away from the program for a few weeks (or a few months), we either recommend restarting the month where you left off or restarting the 30/30 Club from Month 1 over. This is super important as a lot of fundamentals may have been forgotten since you haven't used the information in a while.


    Don't worry about being “behind” everyone else in the program. We want you to complete the program at a pace that is comfortable for you, while enjoying the process of meeting new women and going on new dates.